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Earth Forum Events, Inc.
International Event Management
725 9th Avenue South  #203
Kirkland, Washington 98033
United States of America
Tel: 425 827-2690
Fax: 810 454-7678




We envision a world where cooperation and harmony are paramount values and where respect is the basis of all interaction.  In every sphere, be it commerce, education or the arts, we seek to empower the individual and to draw out the best in all that we touch. 


Earth Forum Events, Inc. is an organization whose primary purpose is to build constructive relationships by organizing and facilitating cross-cultural and multinational events.  We work tirelessly to break down barriers by hosting dynamic events that provoke discussion and promote friendship.    


Recognizing a need for more peaceful liaisons between east and west, we have organized the tour entitled “Passage through India 2002”.  Our clientele mainly consists of students and educators, but also includes professionals from the health care field and business world as well as individuals with an interest in the cultures of the orient.  We see “Passage through India” as a golden opportunity to establish links between doctors and charity hospitals, professors and Indian universities, students and study abroad programs, and representatives of international business with ventures and firms in India. The means is tourism and the end is broader understanding. 

Our Pledge

The high culture of the civilized world is glorious indeed, but there is another side of life that cannot be ignored.  Exposure to misery and suffering is not always comfortable to behold, but it is part of the reality that must be confronted.  We are committed to improving the lives of the less fortunate.  We have pledged at least 5% of our profits to certain charitable organizations within the host country, including schools and hospitals in both the rural and urban areas and we also match benefactors with the causes of their choice.  From the smallest to the most generous contribution, your help will not be in vain.  We intend to alleviate some of poverty's heavy burden while simultaneously promoting the cultural treasures of the world. 

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