Booking Form 2002

Mr./ Mrs./Ms         Name as printed in Passport    Occupation

Date of Birth

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Nationality as Passport

Passport details see note below Date of   Issue Expiry Date  
First Name  Surname (BLOCK LETTERS)  Passport No.  Place of Issue
Address of first person to whom all correspondence will be send Emergency Contact in case of illness whist abroad:

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      Departure Date      Number of Days

Cost per person

Number of Persons

Single rooms may be available in some hotels.  This is a supplementary cost which will be passed on to the guest.  If you would prefer your own room please check here

Room/Tent Share If booking is for more than one person.
please indicate whether you wish to share the same room/tent

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A Late Booking fee of $50 per person should be included with full payment if booking within 35 days of departure $
 I wish to pay my deposit by (tick as applicable)


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   DEPOSIT=$300 per person per trip.
              or full amount if travel is within 70 days

                 per person X

personal travel Insurance is compulsory for all passengers. It is my/our responsibility to ensure cover, conforming with Clause 8 on page 120 is in effect for the duration of the trip, Which I acknowledge by placing my initials here.                                                         


DECLARATION : I acknowledge that I have been advised that California has a consumer restitution fund and that my trip is not Covered by this law because
the foreign providers of transportation and travel services utilized for this trip are not registered as seller of travel in California.  I understand that this means I am not eligible to make any claim on that fund, and verify this statement by placing my/our initials here:

RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF ALL RISKS : I have read and accept the Booking Conditions as well as General Information on pages
106 & 122, on behalf of all persons listed who appreciate the risks inherent in adventure travel.  I/We do not suffer from any disability which would prohibit full participation in the tour (s).  I/We hereby agree to be responsible for my/our own welfare, and accept that any and all risks of delay, unanticipated events , illness, injury, emotional trauma or death. I agree this release shall be legally binding upon myself, my heirs, successors, assigns and legal representatives and verify this statement by placing my/our initials here.
How to Book
1.Check for space. First of all, contact  your
   Earth Forum Events agent and check for

2.Take an option. You may request 'an option'
   which means a tour place is provisionally held
   for you, for a specified limited period, to
   allow time for your booking form and deposit
   to be received. If this is not received within
   the specified period, the place will be
   automatically released, without further
   reference to yourself.

3.Send your completed, signed Reservation
   Form and payment. We require a non
   refundable deposit, the full insurance
   premium per person as advised your agent.
   You can also book over the phone however,
   you must still send the completed, signed
   booking form. Where travel is within 70 days
   of booking, the full tour cost is required and
   insurance (if applicable).

4.Confirmation. If we accept your booking, a
   Confirmation Invoice, General Information
   booklet and Trip Dossier will be sent to you.

5.Final Payment. Payment of the balance is due
  no later than 70 days prior to departure date.
  Detailed joining instructions, ticket wallet and
  luggage labels should normally reach you one
  week prior to departure.
Holiday Insurance
1. Adequate travel Insurance with coverage for
    Personal Accident, Medical and Hospital
    expenses, repatriation and curtailment is
    compulsory for everyone who participates in
    an Earth Forum Events Worldwide Tour.

2. Protection for at least US$75 000 emergency
    medical evacuation plus US$75 000 medical
    expenses is mandatory. We also strongly
    recommend Cancellation Insurance is
    purchased at the time of booking which will
    provide cover, under certain circumstances,
    against loss of the non-refundable deposit
    or cancellation charge.

3. In the event of a cancellation, you will be
    liable for charges as detailed in terms &
    condition. We will send a Travel insurance
    application form along with you trip
    confirmation; if you would like details of
    cover and costs prior to booking, please


1. It is essential that you fill in your passport
   details above, which are necessary for us to
   be able to arrange aspects of your tour and
   obtain certain permits etc.
Travel Fitness
This package
Voyages require active participation to a greater or lesser degree. Although the majority of EXPLORE travelers are aged between 25 and 55, over the years thousands of clients aged 17 to 70 plus have fully involved themselves in our holidays. We feel it is in the interest of all members of the group that everyone should be capable of fully participating in the activities of their chosen tours.

All clients, regardless of age, planning to undertake a major trek.

All clients aged 60 and over planning to join any tour, are required to complete the Medical Fitness Form, and if booking a major trek, the Trekking Fitness Form also.

All clients aged 70 or over are required to complete the Medical Fitness Form (plus Trekking Fitness Form if applicable) and we require your doctor to sign the declaration.