Jim Russo's Patents

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6732366 Stored program pay-per-play
6025868 Stored program pay-per-play
5701383 Video time-shifting apparatus
5619247 Stored program pay-per-play
5293164 Data compression with pipeline processor having separate memories
5245337 Data compression with pipeline processors having separate memories
4974418 Heat pump defrosting operation
4974417 Heat pump defrosting operation
4951473 Heat pump defrosting operation
4916912 Heat pump with adaptive frost determination function
4910966 Heat pump with single exterior temperature sensor
4864513 Potentiometer setting detection by measuring the ratio of RC time constants
4841458 Analog to digital conversion by measuring the ratio of RC time constants
4837731 System for time programming of states by communicating time data via a continuously rotatable potentiometer
4829458 External constant specification in a digital electronic system
4829457 Overload protection circuit for solid state switch
4759498 Thermostatic control without temperature droop using duty cycle control
4751961 Electronic programmable thermostat
4741476 Digital electronic thermostat with correction for triac self heating
4730941 Temperature range display device for electronic thermostat
4695942 Manual switch for altering a parameter in opposite directions based on length of time of switch actuation
4669654 Electronic programmable thermostat
4606401 Programmable thermostat